Biomedical Testing and Treatments

Children with developmental disorders are unique individuals with complex disorders. They often have underlying health issues that contribute to and compound the effects of their disorder, or are wholly responsible for their developmental disorder.

Diagnostic testing is conducted on all children before therapeutic treatments are recommended. A unique therapeutic regimen is tailored to each child’s individual history, physical and laboratory profile.

Following a thorough history, physical and neurological exam, we discuss the need for further testing, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Assessments of Genes and Markers of Neurological Disorders
  • Allergy Testing (Including Sensitivities to Gluten, Casein and Other)
  • SNP Panels for Epigentic Risk Determination
  • Amino Acid Testing & Organic Acid Testing
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Assessments of Immune Competency or Dysfunction
  • Neurophysiologic Tests When Appropriate (NIBA, DAE-S, BIA)
  • Environmental Toxicity

Once initial testing is completed, Dr. Harum will discuss possible courses of treatment tailored to the specific needs of your child, incorporating integrative medicine approaches when appropriate.