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Jun 16

Pre-Adoption Developmental and Medical Screening:

Pre-Adoption Developmental and Medical Screening:

Congratulations on your decision to provide a loving home for a precious child! This wonderful but difficult decision can be made with less worry and greater confidence by receiving a developmental screening of your chosen child.

To make your adoption decision with a higher level of confidence, your child’s medical and developmental history can be reviewed by an expert in the field of developmental medicine. A review of medical documentation can provide information regardinggrowth aberrations childhood metabolic disorders not routinely tested for outside of the US medical needs that require immediate attention upon placement in your home.

Video review is a powerful developmental assessment tool and can provide predictions regarding developmental delays and the need for supplemental therapies. A standard video review can provide information on

  • developmental status
  • movement patterns
  • language production
  • signs of autism, etc.

Foreign adoptee’s may or may not have received appropriate vaccinations. A careful evaluation of immunity to vaccine targeted diseases must be conducted before US mandated vaccines are given, or worse, repeated unnecessarily. Parasites are common throughout the world. Specific laboratory techniques are utilized to detect a variety of parasitic and bacterial pathogens.

Informed decisions make better decisions!