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Jun 16

Low Risk Vaccine Protocol

Low Risk Vaccine Protocol

Dr. Harum provides state mandated vaccines to children using lower risk techniques to reduce the possibility of adverse vaccine reaction. This protocol has been developed by Stephanie Cave, MD, in response to parental and scientific concerns for the ever increasing number of mandated vaccines coincident with increases in autism, asthma, juvenile diabetes, sudden infant death
syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD and learning disabilities. While there are no proven associations between the current vaccines and these devastating disorders, solid theories for their association abound.

For peace of mind, and improved proactive health care, we offer vaccines with no preservatives, at increased intervals, on a delayed schedule, in single valent form (when possible), with administration of potent antioxidants to reduce physiologic stress and assist with hepatic immaturity.

The adjusted vaccine schedule is as follows:

  • Hepatitis B – delayed to prior to school or day care entry
  • HIB – 4 months
  • IPV – 4.5 months
  • DTaP – 5 months
  • Alternate these 3 vaccines every 2 months
  • Varicella – delayed prior to school entry
  • MMR – 15 months (not delayed and not manufactured separately since 2009)
  • MMR boosters only if titers negative (check titers at pre-K entry and again at 12 years of age)
  • Check allergies to yeast, eggs and neomycin.

Pre-treat all ages before all vaccines with:

  • Cold pack / pressure to the site before and pressure after the injection
    Fruit juice before the DTaP to maintain glucose levels
  • Vit A RDA:
    • 1500 IU for infants and children up to 8 years of age (1 tsp NN Artic CLO)
    • 2000 IU for ages 9-13 years of age (1 1/4 tsp CLO)
    • 3000 IU for ages 14-18 years of age (2 tsp CLO)
  • Vit C RDA:
    • 150 mg bid for infants
    • 300 mg bid for all others