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Mar 1

The ADD/ADHD 90 Day Healing Solution e-book, Now Available for Purchase!

Available now! Only $29.95 Simple Easy to follow Checklist Style e-book from one of the industry’s top child development experts. Dr. Karen Harum, M.D. FAAP, Diplomate Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics has been treating special needs children for the past 20 years in her private practice. “This user friendly, no nonsense guide is an irrefutable masterpiece of the […]

Jun 16

Biomedical Testing and Treatments

Children with developmental disorders are unique individuals with complex disorders. They often have underlying health issues that contribute to and compound the effects of their disorder, or are wholly responsible for their developmental disorder.

Diagnostic testing is conducted on all children before therapeutic treatments are recommended. A unique therapeutic regimen is tailored to each child’s individual history, physical and laboratory profile.

Jun 16

Nutraceutical Treatment to Reverse ADHD Symptoms

Nutritional support is so necessary for kids with ADHD and deficits in attention. Why is this true? The main reason is that we just don’t get what we need in the standard American diet. We are also bombarded with more chemicals, toxins, hormone mimicking substances, medications and artificial compounds than at any time in human […]

Jun 16

Low Risk Vaccine Protocol

Dr. Harum provides state mandated vaccines to children using lower risk techniques to reduce the possibility of adverse vaccine reaction. This protocol has been developed by Stephanie Cave, MD, in response to parental and scientific concerns for the ever increasing number of mandated vaccines coincident with increases in autism, asthma, juvenile diabetes, sudden infant death
syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD and learning disabilities. While there are no proven associations between the current vaccines and these devastating disorders, solid theories for their association abound.

Jun 16

The Sublingual Drop Program

Would you like to treat the cause of allergies, not just the symptoms? Your child may be identified as a candidate for allergy drops, also known as sublingual immunotherapy. Allergy drops work like allergy shots, slowly desensitizing the body to its allergies, but they’re delivered under the tongue in a drop form that can be taken safely at home. Allergy drops can effectively treat a broad range of allergies, including pollens, dander and other environmental allergies as well as foods, mold and chemical sensitivities.

Jun 16

Pre-Adoption Developmental and Medical Screening:

Congratulations on your decision to provide a loving home for a precious child! This wonderful but difficult decision can be made with less worry and greater confidence by receiving a developmental screening of your chosen child.

To make your adoption decision with a higher level of confidence, your child’s medical and developmental history can be reviewed by an expert in the field of developmental medicine. A review of medical documentation can provide information regardinggrowth aberrations childhood metabolic disorders not routinely tested for outside of the US medical needs that require immediate attention upon placement in your home.

Jun 16

Developmental Assessments

Dr. Harum is equipped to complete a comprehensive developmental assessment of children of all ages. These evaluations include assessments of intelligence, academic skills, emotional and social development, standardized autism assessments, language skills, adaptive skills, fine and gross motor skills. Computerized assessments of attention, memory and executive function are also used. Standardized assessment tools are used whenever possible.

Jun 16

ADHD/ADD Computerized Testing

Dr. Harum utilizes the CNS Vital Signs computerized assessment of neurocognitive abilities to objectively measure many aspects of cognitive functioning, including attention span. The computerized Integrated Visual and Auditory (IVA) assessment is also used to measure attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and medication responses. These valuable tools objectify the diagnosis of ADHD/ADD in a more reliable manner than clinical interview and use of parent questionnaires alone can provide.

Jun 16

Pharmacological Prescription Management

Prescriptions are chosen very carefully based on decades of clinical experience and an in-depth understanding of your child’s (or your) cognitive function and behaviors. Dr. Harum often gains clear information about medication responses by testing for neurotransmitter levels in urine.

Jun 16

Nutraceutical & Nutrition Counseling

Dr. Harum evaluates your (your child’s) nutritional status with state-of-the-art assessments of urine and blood metabolites. Nutritional analysis using computerized software is used to revise diets in order to optimize brain growth and brain function. Nutritional supplements are specifically chosen based on your unique needs as reflected in the laboratory data and the nutritional analysis.