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We are excited to welcome our new Naturopathic Care Provider, Amy Hawkins, ND!
Come visit us at 5725 Oleander Drive – Suite C1, Wilmington, NC 28403.

Welcome to the Clinic for Special Children, Wilmington’s first and only pediatric practice offering Integrative Medicine for children.

Offering an unprecedented level of attentive and personalized care, our Integrative Medical Team consists of our Board Certified Pediatrician and Naturopathic Care Provider. Our team celebrates your child’s individuality with customized care plans that optimize wellness and restore health.

The Clinic for Special Children was originally founded by Dr. Karen Harum, MD, to provide accurate diagnosis, whole child treatments, specialty care and consultation for all children with developmental disabilities and behavioral problems including ADD, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

With the addition of our Naturopathic Care Provider, Amy Hawkins, ND, to our team, we have now expanded the clinic’s offerings to include Integrative Pediatric Care for all children.

We believe in treating the whole child by addressing their physical, emotional, social and environmental needs. This integrative holistic approach combines modern western medicine and evidence-based complementary and alternative healing modalities. By integrating traditional medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical therapies with Functional and Naturopathic medical therapies including botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, we feel that we can provide the best care possible for your family. We look forward to working with you!

Our vision at the Clinic for Special Children is to improve the quality of children’s lives by providing the resources for accurate diagnosis and comprehensive holistic treatments for general pediatrics and a wide variety of developmental disorders. An integral part of that vision is educating parents and extended family on the sundry of whole child healing protocols that Dr. Harum has created for special needs children over the past 20 years. With epidemic numbers of children being diagnosed with learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Vibrant Children was launched in 2012 as a international outreach program to educate and train parents and families raising children that have been diagnosed with these developmental disabilities. For more information:

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Vibrant Children is an international outreach program to teach and train families on proven strategies to heal & manage ADD, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Vibrant Childrenʼs treatment protocols were developed by Dr. Karen Harum, MD, FAAP, Diplomate Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics. She is one of the fieldʼs top experts on childhood development and special needs children. Over the past 20 years she has accumulated a wealth of information on specific treatments that really work and support the whole child. More About Vibrant Children

Upcoming Events

Dr. Harum offers monthly Free Live Webinars for anyone that would like to learn more about how to help heal their child. These resources are of incredible value for families, caretakers, teachers or others physicians that could benefit from having a more in depth understanding of topics concerning ADD, ADHD, developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. For more information, registration details, and upcoming topics for discussion- please click link below! Upcoming Events

What our patients have to say about us:

Hello my names is Lourdes. We have been patients of Dr. Harum’s for 3 years. When we began treatment, my son did not speak and was 4 years old. He was “absent” and appeared to not be interested in anything that was going on around him. He wasn’t aware of who his mommy and daddy were, had constant meltdowns but today, thank God and Dr. Harum my son is talking and making a lot of progress in all areas. He is speaking in 2 languages, is reading and writing in English and I am so happy! Thank you Dr. Harum for your
excellent work and love for my child!
Dr. Harum is a very professional and perfectionistic. She was the only doctor to find a more precise diagnosis for my son. We are exceedingly thankful for her. Highly recommendable.
When we first brought our son to meet Dr. Harum, he was a nonverbal 3 year old with moderate to severe regressive autism. That means he wasn't born autistic, he actually had a great first year then regressed into the condition from injury. She helped bring our son back. We fought to recover using a variety of treatments and she knew her plan of action from the day she first evaluated his case. The most effective treatments were; 30 days of Valtrex to counteract the MMR vaccine, chelation and glutothione to remove toxins and heavy metals, supplements to replenish deficient minerals and improve metabolic processes, and Epsom salt baths to strengthen the "leaky gut". We also learned all about food and made diet changes going more organic and removing artificial colors and preservatives as much as possible. Within six months of treatment, he began to speak again. We set out in the beginning to fight for recovery and now he 7 and is a lovely soft spoken boy who loves to play with friends, play video games, and does very well in school. We continue to meet goals and set new ones. With Dr. Harum's expertise, we have confidence our son will be a loving and independent adult and we encourage anyone looking for a specialist in this field that they need look no further than Dr. Karen Harum's Clinic for Special Children.
Dede told me you guys were the BOMB and she wasn't kidding! If every doctors visit and medical experience mirrored you all, this world would be a better place and in a WHOLE LOT BETTER SHAPE!
Dr. harum has been a life saver for my oldest son. 2 years ago my teenager was having so many issues. He was having suicidal thoughts, was very anxious. having panic attacks... we had been sing Dr. Harum for 2 year prior but when things came to a head she was there for us. she got my son into her office immediately after i called literally crying with dispair and was able to diagnose my son with PANDAS and start him on the proper meds to get him to a stable position. i really don't know how my son and family would have made it through that very hard time without her. Besides her vast medical knowledge, she cares deeply about her patients. She gave us her personal cell phone number and walked with my son and family through a very difficult time. She still continues to be "there for my kids" she is an amazing Woman, Doctor, Mom and Friend. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends. She is awesome. I don't think she will ever comprehend how much she has helped My son and my familyf survive such a difficult time. She saved My son.
Dr. Harum has been my son's, neurodevelopmental pediatrician for many years. She is very kind, thorough, and has a genuine appreciation for Raimee, as a person and as a patient, which is evident in her quality of care. I appreciate how she takes the time to understand my concerns and share with me in both Raimee’s successes and his challenges. She is a gift to the autism community and a credit to her profession and I feel so very fortunate to have her in our life.

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